Friday, February 24, 2012

How to Cope with Failures

Today's presentation was interesting. I know many of you will feel that it was more preaching type- may be you are true, but life is like that only. It is very important in life to have an inner balance. It is something that makes people happy. While success breeds arrogance, failure also brings frustration. As we grow up as an individual, we have to face both. But how do we handle the changes that come due to adverse changes in life. Adverse changes in life can come from personal, professional and ethical failures in life. They are bound to come. They have come in everybody's life. But how are you ready for handling these changes? It is one thing to say- I will handle when it comes, but it is better to be proactive and mentally be ready to face these challenges in life. Now you will finish this course and you ahve some carry forwards- soma baggage that you brought while you came here and some has been added up during the program... Life should not look like something which has an overdose of baggage and you look like someone knelt down carrying this excess baggage. You should have a plan- to handle the failures and changes in life that come due to these failures. What lessons have guided you for this? What instances have you got which shows how you have handled them in the past. Many of us would like to learn- Personally I will like to learn from you- how you have handled these issues- may be better than me? How? Once you start your jounrey as an entrepreneur, these challenges are going to be more? How do you look at these things in the perspective of your life?? How- share your thoughts.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Context of an Enterprise

Today we discussed about the magintude of problem that our world is facing. The world is divided among few haves and a billion of have nots. The discussions in the class and the presentations explained how big is this problem. But entrepreneurship is all about opportunity. what looks like a challenge today often creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs. Social enterprises have emerged ovet the years as an alternate to solve third world problems. There are some known stories about social enterprises- ITC, HUL, Grameen Bank. Have you got any new stories that have emerged from Africa, Far East and South American countries? Let us share these new enterprises list on the blog. May be a small write up on each one of them with the weblinks. You can search from Internet and other sources and write about them. Please mention your FT number with your comments also.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Simi's Journey

What are the learning lessons from Simi's life? Is this a unique case or most of the entrepreneur's have to face similar situations? How difficult it is for women to be come entrepreneur? I would like to have comments from female students in the class on how they see Simi's case and compare their life situation with Simi? We could not complete our debate on meaning of 'success'. May be if you have divergent views on how to define success in life? Is there anything else that you would like to bring beyond self, family, community and work/organization as variables to redefine the context of success?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who is an entrepreneur

I would like to know from you what qualities does an entrepreneur has? what are the essential qualities to become a good entrepreneur? why many people dont take up this route? what risks? why did not you think about this before joining this course? Was it paucity of fund or paucity of idea or you were too scared about this path? what made you not to follow this route?