Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who is an entrepreneur

I would like to know from you what qualities does an entrepreneur has? what are the essential qualities to become a good entrepreneur? why many people dont take up this route? what risks? why did not you think about this before joining this course? Was it paucity of fund or paucity of idea or you were too scared about this path? what made you not to follow this route?


  1. According to my experience and the readings an entrepreneur should have following qualities:
    1. A strong desire to create an enterprise rather than being a part of one, to be independent.
    2. Ability to take risks and be accountable.
    3. Self belief. A belief in one’s own capability to execute an idea and sustain it.
    4. Strong networking skills and ability to mobilize resources as needed.
    5. Ability to think through situations and act on roadblocks preemptively.
    6. Curiosity and knowledge about the entire value chain/processes involved in a business.
    Essential qualities can be:
    1. Ability to handle risk
    2. Strong understanding of overall business
    3. Passion
    Yes, many people do not take this route and the reasons can be traced to individual personalities or can also be owed to a larger group (e.g. Gujratis and Marwaris are known to be enterprising people in India). Some of the reasons for not choosing this option can be:
    1. Fear of unknown – Socio-economic consequences
    2. A business idea but lack of funds/plan/network.
    3. Utter disbelief in idea of entrepreneurship, preference to service.
    For me, I definitely did not know the way forward to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. The reason has never been paucity of ideas. I strongly desire to start a venture of my own and lack of networking, funds and guidance have been strong reasons for me deciding against it so far. When I got into the corporate world, the comfort and safety of regular income also worked against the risky proposition of chartering on the unknown path.

    1. Great Points. Are others sleeping or they dont have any point

  2. In addition to the essential qualities that Devashish has mentioned I believe an entrepreneur should have:
    1. An eye for opportunity
    2. Be proactive, he should be figuring out things on its own
    3. Be Competitive, it gives him a confidence to do things better than others and
    4. Be Creative, this would make him put things together and make it work anyhow
    Reasons for people not taking up this route would be:
    1.Lack of courage to stand up and take risk
    2.Complacency, reluctance to come out of comfort zone and take responsibility of an enterprise
    3.Lack of expertise
    4.Not passionate enough to go out of the way in order to figure out ways to make things happen
    The reasons for me not taking this route,
    Primary reason was lack of strong belief in my ideas which can be attributed to the limited business and domain expertise and experience. Other reasons were lack of guidance and resources. And somewhere the social pressure also played a role.

  3. Being an entrepreneur is about more than just starting a business or two, it is about having attitude and the drive to succeed in business. All successful Entrepreneurs have a similar way of thinking and posses several key personal qualities that make them so successful in business. Successful entrepreneurs like the ambitious Richard Branson have an inner drive to succeed and grow their business, rather than having a Harvard Business degree or technical knowledge in a particular field.

  4. 7 key point to be a successful entrepreneur.....
    1. Inner Drive to Succeed
    Entrepreneurs are driven to succeed and expand their business. They see the bigger picture and are often very ambitious. Entrepreneurs set massive goals for themselves and stay committed to achieving them regardless of the obstacles that get in the way.

    2. Strong Belief in themselves
    Successful entrepreneurs have a healthy opinion of themselves and often have a strong and assertive personality. They are focused and determined to achieve their goals and believe completely in their ability to achieve them. Their self optimism can often been seen by others as flamboyance or arrogance but entrepreneurs are just too focused to spend too much time thinking about un-constructive criticism.

    3. Search for New Ideas and Innovation
    All entrepreneurs have a passionate desire to do things better and to improve their products or service. They are constantly looking for ways to improve. They're creative, innovative and resourceful.

    4. Openness to Change
    If something is not working for them they simply change. Entrepreneurs know the importance of keeping on top of their industry and the only way to being number one is to evolve and change with the times. They're up to date with the latest technology or service techniques and are always ready to change if they see a new opportunity arise.

    5. Competitive by Nature
    Successful entrepreneurs thrive on competition. The only way to reach their goals and live up to their self imposed high standards is to compete with other successful businesses.

    6. Highly Motivated and Energetic
    Entrepreneurs are always on the move, full of energy and highly motivated. They are driven to succeed and have an abundance of self motivation. The high standards and ambition of many entrepreneurs demand that they have to be motivated!

    7. Accepting of Constructive Criticism and Rejection
    Innovative entrepreneurs are often at the forefront of their industry so they hear the words "it can't be done" quite a bit. They readjust their path if the criticism is constructive and useful to their overall plan, otherwise they will simply disregard the comments as pessimism. Also, the best entrepreneurs know that rejection and obstacles are a part of any leading business and they deal with them appropriately.

    True entrepreneurs are resourceful, passionate and driven to succeed and improve. They're pioneers and are comfortable fighting on the front line. The great ones are ready to be laughed at and criticized in the beginning because they can see their path ahead and are too busy working towards their dream.

  5. I think one distinct reason why this route is not pursued
    is that there is this fear that the motivation will not be
    The early days require tremendous amount of self-motivation, day
    in, day out, amongst all odds. The ability to drive that passion consistently, rests with a chosen few.
    No good idea usually goes waste and there is enough capital in this
    world. It will flow, one way or the other.
    As someone so rightly said, it is not enough to have the will to win, what is more important is to have the will to prepare to win.

  6. I think that for being an Entrepreneur the first qualities that are needed are courage and faith in ideas. The person should have courage to pursue her dreams. However, these qualities are desirable only for accepting the own idea, let go of the safe path( if she has) and trod a self written one. Innovation, out of box thinking are other few which are desired.
    To be a good entrepreneur person should be a logical, sensible, highly motivated, good decision making and with positive attitude.
    I think most people dont pursue this path because they a service/job is a safer bet with a fixed income each month. They are content people to whom safety matters more than the flight of wings. Also, people trodden with family responsibilities usually dont go for such path if they have a safer bet.
    I have given a thought to this after joining Great Lakes and somehow those who take this path always amaze me.I did not cus i had no exposure to this field at all. Coming from a family in which everyone has been employed by Govt of India,i never considered owning a business an option. However, after interacting with people i find this idea captivating and might consider this in future.

  7. The essential qualities that an entrepreneur should have to be successful in his venture are:
    1. Risk taking ability - a person who wishes to be secure and wants a monthly pay package cannot think of being an entrepreneur. Its the ability to overcome risk and fight towards the goal that makes a person successful in his venture.
    2. Passion - As important is the ability to take risk, equally important is the Passion to overcome that risk and to keep oneself going in tough times.
    3. Decision Making power - a person jumping into a new venture would be required to take decisions at every single point and he has to be good at working out the details of taking one decision and rejecting others, that too in a short period of time.

    Other than these major points there are other aspects that help towards making a successful entrepreneur such as tehcnical skills, ability to motivate team, ability to delegate tasks, ability to delegate responsibility and not be involved in each and every decision as the venture grows.

    There are few people who have all the qualities that i have stated above, but there are fewer who can over come all the social consequences that can arise when taking up the path of being a entrepreneur. Factors like complete unknowning about the success, a long period of working with no surety of outcome, the fear of failing.

    I did think about these factors before joining this course and i am still weighing my options of starting a venture versus joining a job.

  8. I would like to add a few point which might not answer the questions directly but which I feel are quite relevant to the topic under discussion. I have seen a couple of my friends having mixed experiences in their past entrepreneurial ventures. Some sacrificed their well paying jobs for the sake of pursuing their dreams, while some charted out huge plans but ultimately ended up where they started. When I talked to both these sets of groups, I found a few similarities in their thought process and situations:
    1) People with strong financial backing or a having an entrepreneurial family history tend to be more likely to pursue a similar path.
    2) Very few of them got the family support when they thought of starting the venture.
    3) Also people who finally gave up the idea of starting a business were the ones who were got scared away by the short term losses rather than concentrating on the future profit potentials.

    All these points have been highlighted in one way or the other in the earlier posts, but I thought to bring in some perspective which might seem more significant from an Indian context.
    A lot of people in India give up the idea of starting the business just because they don't have a sound financial backing and/or a strong moral support form their family members. It definitely not the lack of ideas. Youth in US or UK are more independent as compared to their Indian counterparts in terms of family responsibilities and hence more likely pursue a risky career. I think it is one of the main reasons why we such less proportion of graduates starting a business. But the trend is changing.

  9. I would like to know from you what qualities does an entrepreneur has? what are the essential qualities to become a good entrepreneur? why many people dont take up this route? what risks? why did not you think about this before joining this course? Was it paucity of fund or paucity of idea or you were too scared about this path? what made you not to follow this route?

    In my view there are as no specified qualities to be an entrepreneur. By specific qualities, I mean that one cannot evaluate the qualities in him and then decide to be entrepreneur. These qualities come up or grow in him as his journey through the entrepreneurship. The one quality I believe entrepreneurs have is day-dreaming. They have strong and vast visions to achieve.They are able to figure out the pain-points in others life or society. They work to remove those pain-points.

    Many people refrain from this route because they are actually in their comfort zone. Its human tendency to be in comfort zone and live happily. if we see the great achieving entrepreneurs of the past. All have been through the bad times or difficult times by choice or destiny. As we say a person cannot become good singer without pain, similarly one cannot become good entrepreneur without pain.

    People generally don't think about this route because of the following reasons:
    Paucity of Idea: People have ideas, but they fail to identify them as the successful ideas or possible ideas. They lack in evaluating capability of the ideas. It may be because of lack of knowledge about the subject.
    Fear : Fear rise when a person is in good comfort zone. If a person doesn't have anything, then this factor cancels out. If we see many good entrepreneurs didn't had anything to lose. So its incorrect to say that they have risk taking capability. They have passion for their dreams.

    One factor 'Paucity of Funds' is often taken as the hurdle towards being as entrepreneur. However, a good entrepreneur never faces problem in arranging funds for business.

  10. Although above posts have covered many essential qualities of a successful entrepreneur, however, I believe luck too plays a vital role in his journey or, Stephen Covey's Circle of Concern, too is important.

    A famous book, Outliers by Malcom Gladwell, emphasizes the exact same point. He says "When outliers become outliers it is not just because of their own efforts. It's because of the contributions of lots of different people and lots of different circumstances— and that means that we, as a society, have more control about who succeeds—and how many of us succeed—than we think.". This statement is based upon extensive research that he conducted during the course of writing this book and is substantiated with numerous examples ranging from Bill gates to The Beatles.

    Moreover, we should ponder over the question that "why there are many entrepreneurs but only a few successful entrepreneurs?". Perhaps luck was behind the curtains. Food for thought?

  11. Qualities of an Entrepreneur:
    Daring (Risk Taker), Visionary, Believer, True to self.
    Now the above are qualities of a person to jump in the arena of entrepreneurship....

    But is that sufficient to be a 'Successful' entrepreneur? No!

    These are the necessary but not the sufficient qualities. A successful entrepreneur will have to have a balance of these qualities and even more...

    Lets see in details:

    -- Prepared: Extensive knowledge of the field in which you want to establish a new venture... What are the latest trends in that field, competion, sustainability, barriers, resources required and so on...

    -- Passionate: This will give you the strength to face the music while on entrepreneurial spree.

    -- Poised: Now you can't afford to mess up things out of agitaion or anxiety... right?

    -- Persevering: Better be prepared to face many failures before tasting success...keep

    Hey, do they make up the 4P... Was that intentional or incidental, is open to reader's discretion...

    Why then only a very few dare to start their own venture? This is a very critical question...
    Though the reasons can be many but from introspection and observance I think there are following major reasons:
    -- Fear: Obvious reasons... One may have to compromise his personal life, job career, social life and lot of other recreations for builing own venture.
    -- Dilly-dally: As uncle Bala says- 'Vision without execution is hallucination.' Just having a great business idea is no use unless one takes the pains to implement it.
    -- Social/Family pressures: What is your family does not endorse your idea of advancing on an entrepreneurial journey?
    -- Lack of confidence and belief

    Some risks are:
    -- Imbalances in personal and social life
    -- Financial losses
    -- Adverse effects on health
    -- Psychological impacts

  12. Most of the admired entrepreneurs had a vision and a will to succeed rather than finances. So I believe, one should have the foresightedness and passion in his/her idea, to make it a success. There is a list of essential qualities listed above, which I would not re-iterate.
    In India, I feel the basic problem is of “risk-aversion” quality of most of the people. Every next generation in a family wants to leap ahead in terms of status, money, quality of life etc than the previous generation. In this pursuit, we generally take the safest route rather than a bumpy road. I do not advocate that every entrepreneurial journey will be bumpy, but statistics shows that there are ups and downs in most of the business. So, venturing out into something which has a history of more failures than success is judged as a difficult career than having a job, which at least ensures constant flow of money and life-style.
    For me there was paucity of foresightedness which acts as a roadblock. I am in search for much more stronger ideas which would help me become a successful entrepreneur.

  13. 1. what qualities does an entrepreneur has?
    i believe based on my limited experience in this field, an entrepreneur needs to have great appetite for risk and a conviction of idea to make a beginning . As a young entrepreneur myself, i floated the idea of a corporate writers club bringing together people from different walks of life who took writing as their serious hobby. For this first i had to leave my IT job and gain some insightful experience in the field of writing myself to understand the intricacies of the industry before launching into the venture.

    2. what are the essential qualities to become a good entrepreneur?
    you need to have a clear understanding in your domain of work, a good grasp of technical, business and domain know-how, networking and social skills, risk seeking and long term vision and anticipate market on trends and viable opportunities.

    3.why many people dont take up this route?
    Various factors includes misalignment between present organisation and personal aspirations, a natural cultural appetite based on family and society rooted in business ideals of wealth creation.

    4. what risks?
    financial risk like failing to raise adequate funding, lack of employable task force, retention of employees, supply chain problems, lack of marketing expertise and poor experience curve to guide in hard times such as recession.

    5.why did not you think about this before joining this course?
    it will be unreasonable to assume that i didnt think on the above factors as in my experience i faced the typical problem that the writer's community face in terms of plagiarism, poor response by the publishers, under paid writer's fraternity and competition from MNCs like Penguins, harper collins etc.

    6.Was it paucity of fund or paucity of idea or you were too scared about this path? what made you not to follow this route?
    i have temporarily put on hold my plans as a purposeful experience and a credit worthiness is required to ensure that i am fully prepared when the time is right to launch my venture. As mobile applications become stronger and the country becomes more trained in using apps on the 3G network, i would like to use my training in subjects like NVP to finetune my business idea and come with robust plan to sell.

  14. For me the key ingredients required to venture out and pursue the entrepreneurship path are conviction, perseverance and turning a deaf ear to “free advice “offered by people.
    A strong conviction and belief in the idea, forms the crux of any new venture. One needs to have a strong hold over the anatomy of the baby that one wishes to present to the world. It’s really important not to over dwell in the initial adrenaline rush of being a non-conformist and starting something of you own. There is a need of doing a reality check to know if you’re ready to invest humongous amount of time and effort into any venture and if it’s totally worth it.
    Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all. This is the power of perseverance. Coming from a family of businessmen I abide by this virtue. People have built careers by taking failures in their strides and gloriously completing the race when others have long packed their bags.
    Self-belief and not listening to people who offer free pearls of wisdom to what you should do and not do goes a long way in helping you keep a sane head and carry on in the pursuit of your dreams.

  15. The essential qualities that entrepreneurs must possess is the ability to identify potential opportunities, a huge appetite not only for risk but also the capacity to absorb it if a backlash occurs, which happens most of the time. He /she should have the utmost conviction in his idea and therefore be able to sell it to the target market. A good amount of persistence and courage is also required to rise above competition consistently.

    Many people do not take up this route due to lack of conviction. Only when an individual is not confident about his idea, he would not be able to convince others about it and gain their approval. Setting up a business requires many hands to be put together, and without conviction in the idea one cannot expect to move ahead. Another roadblock could be the lack of guidance, due to which people are not aware of the essential activities to pursue in order to setup a business.

    A basic and certain risk that most entrepreneurs face is the risk of losing the certainty associated with a job, if they decide to move into full time business. The risk of having to pay back your investors if the business does not do well is also something that is behind every entrepreneur’s mind.

  16. In my opinion an entrepreneur is one who has the conviction, competency and capability to conceive, believe and achieve whatever it is that they put their mind to.

    The qualities that an entrepreneur must have is that they must be highly motivated, organized, must be able to multitask. They must also be flexible and able to easily grasp, accomplish and put into application new ideas and concepts so that they can make the most of the opportunities when they see them.

    In most cases people refrain from taking up the entrepreneurial route owing to family pressures of having a "stable" job or that they put this off owing to lack of resources stating that they will work now and save up for their idea in the future. Usually it also comes from wanting to lead a carefree and easy life rather than taking on the additional stress of making a new business work.

  17. People refrain from entrepreneurship because entrepreneurship is fraught with uncertainities. And people who take up entrepreneurship keep a back up plan to avoid some of the uncertainities. In my view having plan B to a very significant extent precludes the success of an entrepreneurial venture. This brings me to one of the most important characteristic of an entrepreneur: obsession with the venture. One should not start a venture until it is an obsession and before starting the venture one should destroy all the exit routes. This will force individual to focus on the venture and will bring out the character that is required for survival.

    One more dimension that can be associated with increase or decrease of entrepreneural activity is the proliferation of social media. On the one hand advent of social media has opened new gates for entrepreneurs but on the other hand it has made people more risk averse and deterred their intentions of taking entrepreneurship. This is because proliferation of social media has aggravated the fear of the extent to which news of a failed entrepreneurial attempt can spread and this has further corroborated the risk averse characteristic of people.

  18. There are two kinds of entrepreneurs. One who is an entrepreneur by force and another entrepreneur by choice. I think we are discussing here for the second type of entrepreneurs. The first type of entrepreneurs the above things does not matter because it is the matter of their survival. For the second type of entrepreneurs the only decision they have to make is which option to choose based on their capability and the other circumstances.
    For the second kind of entrepreneurs we have discussed most of the qualities. Beyond that I think an entrepreneur should have a dream, a passion for which he can do anything and cannot live without that passion. For becoming a good entrepreneur persistence is the main quality with never say die attitude. As we know losses loom larger than the gains, there is a perceived risk in becoming an entrepreneur. At the young age people tend to think that they should gain hands on experience before they start at their own. By the time they get the experience, it’s time for them to get married. Once you are married the perceived risk gets even bigger since you have more responsibility for running a family and the risk becomes bigger and bigger as your parents grow older and growing kids. This risk is perceived till the point your children are settled but at that time it’s the matter of energy to chase your dream.
    The primary risk is financial and all other risks are associated with it like social risk i.e. what impression I will have in society if I fail?, Risk of losing the current lifestyle, Added responsibility of running a family. For a female entrepreneur there are additional difficulties like getting a partner who can understand the passion and things become worse if you are a social entrepreneur.
    Before joining this course I was thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and found out my dreams. There are two projects which I am looking forward one is a social entrepreneurship and other is a services industry plan. My step towards getting an admission in business school was in line with achieving my goals. For social entrepreneurship project there is paucity of funds but the preliminary work is going on like formation of registered trust, getting the licenses, approval from the government and searching for land. Instead of a social entrepreneurship, it was well supported in my family, relatives and friends. For the service industry project I need to get some knowledge of overall business aspects like finance, HR, operations etc. Meanwhile I am moving ahead with confirming the partners for the start-up.

  19. Again, at the cost of sounding repetitive, I believe that social conditioning plays a prominent role in determining our entrepreneurial appetite.For example, as middle class Indians, we are fed the idea of 'stability' and mass-manufactured dreams since childhood. Which is perhaps why evryone wants to be a doctor/engineer/MBA....or a part of the 'Great IT Dream.' We are so sold to the house-car-foreign travel dream that we shy away from taking 'unnecessary risks'. Moreover, our emphasis on social validation is so great that we'd rather be 'neighbour's envy' than 'owner's pride' to put it very crudely. We are heavily dependent on 'security blankets.' Which is perhaps why most of us decide to take the plunge after a certain number of years in a 'stable' job'...or maybe why most entrpreneurs are top B-school or IIT-generated products with a 'secure ' qualification to fall back upon in case worse comes to worst..or why there are more 'Apple' stories in developed nations rather than developing nations..or why there are more Gujarati and Marwari businessmen...So, the bottomline is, social conditioning and environment plays an important role in deciding our appetite for risk and consequently for entrepreneurial endeavours.

  20. I ve grown up thinking an entrepreneur is a problem solver of the highest order with a tremendous appetite for day to day on the job learning and adapting leading to at most times a benefit for a larger section of people

  21. In my opinion, an entrepreneur is a person who has all the following three characteristics:

    1. Creative people who has the ability and courage too think differently.

    2. Have strong belief in their ideas

    3. Has the desire and ability to take risks in order to implement his/her creative idea in the form a business model with of aim of generating ethical wealth.

    It must be noted that I have left our the success factor in the three points given above. I believe that if you put 100% effort form your side and meet the three criterion mentioned above, then you are an entrepreneur, irrespective of weather you are successful in your venture or not.

    ~ Nilotpal

  22. According to me, an entrepreneur is one who believes in his idea, has a long term vision and most importantly has the passion and commitment to give the idea a shape and form. A idea however revolutionary can never see the light of the day until and unless it is executed to perfection. In short i feel that identifying the true potential of an idea and executing it to the end is the key of an entrepreneur.
    The essential qualities that an entrepreneur should have are strong problem solving (I agree with Hari's point), always ready to learn, capable of taking risks, and a decision maker.
    Entrepreneurship literally means venturing in an unknown area. It means going out of your comfort zone and taking a plunge. Not all people have the qualities to be an entrepreneur but more than that not many are ready to take the plunge.
    The biggest risk is the risk of failure. The second risk is putting at stake all that you have.
    I think personally its the risk taking ability that i lack and that is why i did not choose to go on this route. Again a stable job and a stable lifestyle looked more tempting than venturing out in the unknown.

  23. As per me, to be successful entrepreneur one should be ready to take challenge, and be prepared to deal with different obstacle coming on the way (There are lots of other requisite traits already mentioned in the blog ) . Almost everybody, who starts a venture faces few sets of difficulties, so it will be difficult for a person if he or she is not ready to deal with the situation with a positive outlook. However for a women the journey is little more difficult as she has to take care of her kids, family. Work life balance is more important for a woman. Even in case of Simi, we see that she has to plan her schedule and meetings keeping her kids into consideration.

    Manisha Mani

  24. I believe an entrepreneur is risk-taking, confident, passionate and strong-willed person. Entrepreneurs are people who are well tuned with the changes taking place around them which helps them grab opportunities and translate them into businesses. They are dreamers and often visionaries.
    To become a good entrepreneur one has to be an opportunist, willing to deal with some bit of uncertainties in life, handle ups and downs without losing sight of what he/she wants to achieve and most importantly be flexible and adaptive.
    Not everyone sets out to start a venture of their own, not because it is difficult but because they are not willing to take the risk (entrepreneurship is often seen as a risky affair). While some prefer to have a steady income, others simply do not want to put in the effort and sacrifices that are an implicit part of entrepreneurship. They may still be others who do not have the skill-set or ideas that are required to start your own venture.
    The risks commonly associated with entrepreneurship are risk of failure, financial uncertainties (especially for the first few years of a new business), adjustments in personal life, need to constantly adapt to factors like technological advancements, changing regulations/policies, changing market conditions and customer needs, etc.
    Some of the above mentioned risks deterred me from pursuing entrepreneurship. I felt the need for some formal guidance which betters my understanding of the different aspects of starting, managing, changing and (if the need arises) divesting a business.

    - Ankita

  25. In my views, An entrepreneur may be defined as the person who has the ability to take risk and start their own enterprise. For doing this they first need a business idea which can create value for the targeted segment. After that they do the planning and later on the most important part is "implementation". To be an entrepreneur one should have following traits.
    1. Risk taking capability
    2. Believe in their own
    3. Disciplined
    4. Confidence
    5. Open Minded
    6. Self Starter
    7. Creativity
    8. Strong people skills
    9. Passion
    10. Strong work ethic

    The successful entrepreneur will often be the first person to arrive at the office and the last one to leave.Their mind is constantly on their work, whether they are in or out of the workplace.They genuinely love their work. They are willing to put in those extra hours to make the business succeed because there is a joy their business gives which goes beyond the money. The successful entrepreneur will always be reading and researching ways to make the business better.

  26. As per me, Entrepreneur is one
    1. Who believes in his idea even when others not
    2. Who is not worried about competition
    3. Who doesn't cry over lost opportunity but dares to find a bigger one soon.
    4. Who takes blame of his own action and also shadows the mistake of his team
    5. Who doesn't believe in a business plan(unless some VC wants), but knows how to align his business
    6. Who knows what his team should look like
    7. Who doesn't believe in 9-5
    8. Who dares to take risk
    9. Who quits his day job to work day-night on his startup.
    10. Who doesn't just dream, but makes sure it doesn't just remain a dream.

  27. By far everyone has covered up almost all the points regarding who an Entrepreneer is or qualities of an entrepreneuer. I would like to add a few things to it ...
    What qualities one should possess:
    1 -- Risk appetite is most important thing in this journey I say this because many of us have the other qualities required, but for this one! So, we keep on postponing the plan to start a new venture till we are 'better off' or 'have a backup' and usually that moment never comes! Hence, going for it immediately on conceiving idea and not worrying to much about failure is the Critical Success Factor!
    2 -- Confidence
    3 -- Being proactive or what they call as self-starter
    4 -- Creative
    5 -- High EQ (Emotional Quotient)
    6 -- Passion driven and energetic
    7 -- Attitude of a Phoenix!

    1. Above comment: SRJ = Saurabh Ravindra Joshi, Sorry for the inconvinience .. Will encorporate in further comments :)